Website Moved

In the course of trying out, I decided the feature-set was too limited compared to a standalone install (i.e. It is a dang shame, too, because there are some really cool features you get with along with it being more like a social network. Please direct your browsers to the new website, because this website will no longer be updated. Maybe one day… who knows:

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The Humming Fish Eater

There I was today, preparing to launch my vessel into the sea.  Yes, there.  The tiller man grumbled a bit as I poured him my change, muttering the words, “beware of the humming fish eater”.  I tried to ask what he meant, but I received no response.  A woman then told me that unless I was killing fish, the fish eater would eat me.  As I dumped my plastic sea arrow into the ocean, I read the words, “engines are reserved from the humming fish eater”.  I really had no idea what any of this meant.  As my corn-shaped sea vessel and I drifted beyond the point of no return, a man came running out of his shack with what looked like a fishing pole.  He tried to yell the words, “You better take this!” but it was too late.  The sea had her way with me, and I was ripped up into the windy cyclone of wave chops.  I had all but forgotten about the shore when the cyclone dropped me at this island.  There, I heard humming, and what indistinguishably sounded like a cacophony of bird love.  It must have been mating season, but it could have been the hum of the fish eater.  I wasn’t sure, so I paddled a bit.  The sun beat down and sparkles filled the air, but I never heard any hum after that, and I never saw any fish eaters.  At least I don’t think so.  I wonder what all those crazy shore creatures meant…

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